Opportunity Discovery

Discover latent opportunities

Do you let it happen, make it happen, or wonder what happened?

Change is rippling through the world in an increasing pace: emergent conditions arise from new markets, technology, social trends and business structures. For forward-looking organizations, these are sources of both opportunities & confusion. The challenge lies in keeping abreast of relevant developments, making sense of trends, and identifying the lurking opportunities.

As a vision-driven design consultancy, we understand thoroughly the impact and clarity that a fresh paradigm can bring, whether to ourselves or to key leaders in client organizations. Leveraging on the experience we gain in our work that span many different industries, we help clients spot, decipher and make connections with nascent patterns through our fresh, future-leaning and possibility-based mindsets.

We sieve these opportunities based on their suitability to the business contexts and the resonant connection to human desires; we work closely with clients to co-create a compelling and engaging vision that inspires and unites.

Because the future belongs to those who create it today.

We can help you:

• Discover & understand emergent trends
• Experience design & innovation processes
• Envision future scenarios, opportunities and new ventures
• Create a ‘lighthouse’ project to visualize & steer team vision

What we deliver:

• Trend forecast & impact reports
• Facilitated co-creation workshops
• Visionary concept designs & scenarios
• Toolkits, seminars, exhibitions or keynote presentations