Experience & Interface

Designing the total experience

It’s not (just) about what it is: it’s about how it works

Usage experience permeates our lives. Whether it’s a hospital check-in process, unwrapping a product or navigating digital interfaces, a well-orchestrated experience design makes it easier, more engaging and reduces user errors, who are in turn more likely to choose your product or recommend it to others.

Essentially, experience design figures out what people really want, and how best to deliver it. We examine both sides of the interaction in detail: the contexts, thought processes, emotions and actions on the user side, and the management of products, information, function and systems on the other end, and identify key touch points with the greatest leverage to improve experiences.

Often – particularly in product interactions – this involves user-interfaces (UIs) such as touch-screens, buttons and knobs. Often, the product and the software UI are designed by different parties. Orcadesign prefers to take a holistic approach: we think the total experience benefits tremendously from having the product and software UI development in tandem as one seamless system.

We can help you:

• Map out total usage experience & identify key touch points
• Visualize interaction models & schemes
• Manage and optimize content delivery in user interfaces
• Design the user-interface experience (e.g. interaction, structure & visual assets)

What we deliver:

• User personas, profiles & experience strategy
• Usage experience narration & design (e.g. storyboard, scenarios, videos)
• Interaction design plan (information architecture, wireframes, interaction flow)
• Graphic user interface (GUI) design: icons, UI elements, graphics, etc.