Industrial Design

Value = Idea x Execution

Creating awesome products the world didn’t know was missing

This is where vision and strategy becomes real. A product is the synthesis and tangible articulation of design vision, brand identity and user experience, where diverse tensions and considerations in function, innovation, aesthetics, feasibility, technology, materials and colors must work in unison to produce an outstanding and impactful design.

Industrial design has been the heart of our expertise: since 1992, we have devoted ourselves to designing products that are apt and delightful both in aesthetics and in usage. With our long experience, we have developed an astute sense of aesthetics and exacting judgment that has resulted in hundreds of market leading products across industries. Our in-house engineers bear decades of product development experience, ensuring that our design concepts are not simply innovative, but also realizable while maintaining design integrity.

Orcadesign offers a complete suite of services under one roof to ensure design integrity from vision to marketplace. From exploratory concept sketches, photorealistic presentations in 2D or 3D, to aesthetic prototypes and production-ready documentation, our award-winning design solutions continue to give our clients a strong edge in the market place.

We can help you:

• Explore and discover innovative solutions
• Conceptualize products that resonates
• Conceive and steer on-brand design across product lines and tiers
• Develop awesome design concepts

What we deliver:

• Design direction (positioning, key touch points & aesthetic direction)
• Design concepts
• Storyboards (usage scenario, interaction & narratives)
• Design visualizations (e.g. sketches, illustrations, renders, physical prototypes)
• 3D CAD models (aesthetic and/or engineering)
• Mechanical engineering (ME) design & support
• Mechanical engineering (ME) design
• Design documentation & support to production