Research & Strategy

Uncovering user insight

Knowing what are the right things to do, and how to do them right

Like a tangled ball of yarn, problems are seldom straightforward. It takes a blend of accurate judgment, human empathy and structured processes to uncover and fully understand the scope, needs, nuances and inherent contradictions within a problem. To create a truly resonant and impactful result, it is also necessary to discover the sweet spot among multiple paradigms, including: business & brand, competitive environments, social & aesthetic trends, usage contexts, usability & desirability, technological feasibility and cultural influences.

Design research is an iterative process that threads the problem space with the solution space. With the right tools, processes, stimulus and mental framework, we help both clients and ourselves to understand, distil and frame the problem in a way that catalyzes and inspires innovation. By its nature, design research is human-centric and led by user-empathy, though we also anchor our observations against contexts and project guidelines. This ensures that the insights and inspirations are not only carried through the project, but amplified and unleashed as compelling and resonant designs.

We can help you:

• Understand customers’ desires (both expressed & latent)
• Evaluate total user experience including pain & pleasure points
• Audit market/competitors brand & designs
• Articulate and frame insights as actionable directions
• Discover your products’ pain & pleasure points
• Connect organization & brand vision as cohesive design strategy
• Structure & roll-out design strategies meaningfully

What we deliver:

• Ethnographic research & human insights
• Rich visualization of user experience & contexts
• Comprehensive analysis, framework, process & paradigms
• Market segmentation & design definition
• Product/brand positioning and portfolio strategy
• Customer feedback (focus group, 1-to-1, etc.)