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Cooler Master Stacker 830

Dream chassis for gaming enthusiasts

Fusion of style, upgrade-versatility and hardcore ventilation

Cooler Master is the computer industry's best provider of thermal solutions, with a longstanding reputation for quality and performance. With a vision of bringing a chasis with unparalleled versatility in upgrade ability to the market, they engaged us to develop a system that would match up to their ambition.

We set out to create the ultimate chassis modification experience. One that would cater for easy, tool free assembly and disassembly. Extensive research was undertaken by the designers to uncover the psyche of a performance gamer, distilling and translating insights into visual design requirements in execution. Equipping the chasis with extreme modularity while fitting all the functionality in a sleek, sophisticated casing was a challenge we faced and rose up to. Packed with stringent mechanical demands, the highest levels of innovation and resolution were required. We worked closely with the client's product development team at every stage to deliver a power packed, yet streamlined outcome.

The result? - the highly celebrated CM Stacker 830. Its stylish aluminum exterior exudes speed, technology and power, belying a powerful functionality that makes system assembly a breeze. Designed for heavy gaming enthusiasts, this chassis tower caters for multi-positioning of in-device modules, allowing users to constantly upgrade and modify internal components as they will. The system offers powerful functionality that supports ATX and BTX configurations. Screwless slots cater for tool-free user friendliness. The entire motherboard tray can slide out of the case for easy installation of the motherboard and expansion cards. Granted that gamers are heavy duty users who demand maximum power from their CPUs for extended durations, providing superior thermal management was catered for in the design through meshed panels. Convenience in the design is further enhanced via an easily accessible top switch panel, making the chassis truly unrivalled in functionality and quality.

Since its launch in 2006, the design has garnered critical acclaim, being listed as one of the best mod cases on the market, providing the ultimate flexibility to gamers around the world.