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Flipper Original


Red Dot Design Award
Singapore Design Award
Malaysia Good Design Award

An intuitive approach to toothbrush storage

Retrieve or store your toothbrush with unique one-touch mechanism

The bathroom is a place where daily hygiene rituals are carried out but it is also where the most bacteria can be found at home. Yet the toothbrush is often left exposed to these undesirable germs and bacteria in the bathroom. With that in mind, Orcadesign wanted to design a solution that would protect toothbrushes from these invisible menaces in a simple-to-use way.

The revolutionary toothbrush holder Flipper was created in this context. The two-door casing encloses toothbrush bristles and protects it from the air-borne germs and bacteria in the bathroom. Its innovative one-touch mechanism automatically flips open and close in response to the gentle tug or push of a toothbrush, adding unprecedented convenience and fun to the daily teeth brushing activity. Released in year 2000, it met with instant commercial success. With its launch, a new company was set up to oversee the development of the subsequent Flipper product range.

Flipper's elegantly engineered mechanism was awarded multiple patents and awards globally. Ten years on, Flipper has blossomed into over 100 designs in more than 20 series, continuing to delight daily brushing routines in bathrooms worldwide.