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Osim iPamper

Designed to pamper

Soothing semantics to calm and comfort

Famed for its health and wellness products, OSIM has achieved considerable success over the years by delivering fresh and modern interpretations of traditional massage equipment. One of the projects birthed out of many years of close partnership with us was the transformation of an existing handheld massager into one with distinctive elegance.

To achieve a good and powerful massage, a massager needs to house a heavy and bulky motor. However, knowing that massagers demand intimate and personal interaction with the user, we took care to design a sensitive, comfortable and non-mechanical looking device. Using fixed internal components as a guide, sketches were used to develop the form, construction and detailed functions of the massager. Considerations included maintaining consistency with OSIM’s brand identity and creating a design that would differentiate it from its competitors. Smart usage of color breaks are used to reduce the visual weight and air vents are cleverly hidden under the white shell, enabling users to feel nurtured and relaxed during use. The final result -- iPamper. An elegant and sleek handheld massager with a swan-like aesthetic, highly sought after in Asia and around the world.