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2Wire Home Portal GEM 6000


CES Innovation Award 2010,Honoree

Intelligent gateway solutions for the home

Hardware expansion catered for with in-built modularity

Cutting-edge broadband gateways are needed to accomodate speedy and cost-effective deployment of new applications and value-added services. 2Wire, a worldwide leading broadband hardware and software solutions provider engaged us to design a new gateway that integrates seamlessly into home interiors and suit modern lifestyle needs. HomePortal GEM's design sports a large panel that allows for incremental expansion of proprietary and third party applications. Physical hardware modules and updated software can be easily added via rear slots behind the panel. The large surface also serves as a dedicated area for carrier logo placement. This design offers service providers freedom and flexibility to integrate home networking, communication, personal media, and traditional content offerings into a single solution.

Representing the future of broadband networking and applications, the HomePortal GEM recently garnered the prestigious CES Innovations 2010 Design and Engineering Award with its outstanding system design.