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Motorola DECT

Design to convey leadership in brand & design

Technology styled to resonate with each market segment

Binatone, a leader in the telecommunications industry, engaged Orcadesign to conceive and develop a series of cordless and corded phones under the Motorola brand. Our task was to capture the essence and ensure consistency of Motorola's brand and product language in the design and to create a premium and iconic look for these phones. The design had to enhance desirability and advance the adoption of DECT 6.0 - a new protocall dedicated to cordless communication in residential, commercial and public environments.

We then used strategic design planning to create purposeful tier differentiation between the basic and premium models. By distilling core value propositions for each range, we successfully created targeted design styles that resonate with users in the respective tiers. Coupled with sensitive application of the distilled product language, two handset series that integrate harmoniously with the Motorola family were designed, with each delivering its own distinctive style.

Rolled out in 2008, these stylish phones have made an impact on the market, giving DECT technology an allure of its own.