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Osim Product Design Identity

Amplified brand impact through design language

Tying diverse products under one brand and spirit

When health and lifestyle product company OSIM approached us in 2004, they had aspirations to establish themselves as Asia's leading health and lifestyle brand. Their product portfolio consisted of a diverse spectrum of wellness products, ranging from water purifiers, to massage chairs and vacuum cleaners.

Desiring to strengthen their brand identity and elevate their presence on the market, they needed to nd a way to tie all these different products together - to unify and communicate a consistent brand spirit. To achieve this, we sought out a deeper understanding of the client's corporate vision, uncovering the company's values, mission and the desired perception of the brand. An in-depth study of their existing product lineup followed. We then developed a visual identity in line with the client's vision, lifting the product basket beyond its individual silos and connecting them with design elements. These elements were consistent yet flexible enough to be applied across the range. Employing a combination of form, proportion, colour and finishing, we created a strong visual connection across the disparate categories to allow consumers to recognize and associate these individual quality products with the brand.

Today, OSIM has successfully developed into a well-known brand in Asia. We are proud to be partners in this journey.