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Newcom Lottery Machine

The lucky strike

Revamped lottery Point-of-Sale terminals enhance operational efficiency

Newcom approached us to develop an integrated lottery terminal that would improve operational efficiency on the retail floor in China. Operated by counter staff in lottery shops, this terminal had to facilitate ease of transactions and reduce the frequency of errors. To achieve this, the different functions required - scanner, processor and display - had to be integrated into one compact machine.

Integration posed a challenge as the machine had to accommodate ready-made internal components stemming from various sources, which did not fit easily together. Understanding each component's application and constraints, we determined the best performance-yielding configuration for the components. With ergonomics at the heart of our design, we optimized screen and keyboard angles for both sitting and standing positions. The angled profile of the terminal facilitates communication and enables eye contact to be established between the operator and buyer. Its clean interface design with grouped functional areas caters for clear and simple usage.

While most lottery terminals on the market have boxy exteriors which resemble factory-based equipment, we designed this terminal to relate to the excitement and anticipation commonly associated with lottery and sports betting. With its dynamic and sporty form factor, and splash of auspicious red (as regarded in Chinese culture), this terminal exudes a vibrant, modern appeal that is hard to miss.