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Innergie mCube 90


CES Innovation Award 2008
iF Design Award 2008

One adapter to charge-it-all

Ultimate charger to power everything, everywhere

As the pioneering product for the new brand Innergie, the mCube 90 packs a punch in its small casing. An AC and DC adapter-in-1, it lets users charge a broad spectrum of digital devices, from laptops to portable dvd players, smartphones to music players and everything else in between. Users can power up their devices in the car, on airplanes, at the home or in the office with this single adapter.

No more carrying multiple adapters for multiple devices when travelling, as this lightweight and portable design is developed to satisfy power-hungry devices with high speed charging and ultimate flexibility. Upon its launch, the mCube 90received positive reviews and critical acclaim. It clinched the top honors in 2008, winning the CES Innovation Award and iF Design Award. Innergie has since become the world leader in consumer lifestyle energy products and continues to work with Orcadesign to develop new and innovative power products.